Yves Saint Laurent’s Legendary Paris Apartment

Following other celebrities footsteps, Yves Saint Laurent, the frensh designer has chosen Paris as home. So, follow us in this tour in the apartmentof one of the world’s most famous and talented couturiers.


In continuity with one of our previous articles dealing with Parisian apartments owned by celebrities, today we have chosen Yves Saint Laurent’s legendray Paris apartment.

Located in the left bank in Rue Babylon, Saint Laurent apartment expanding over 520 square meters is a work of art in itself.

The designer Yves Saint Laurent and his companion, the businessman Pierre Berge, inhabited this eleven room duplex which rooms are dressed in oak panels from the late 1970 to 2008. Add to its charm, the apartment overlooked a 400 square meters stunning garden.

“The door opened, and right in front of me, there was a window overlooking the garden,” Mr. Saint Laurent recalled in a Vogue Decoration interview . “And that was that.”

Passionate about Art Deco, Saint Laurent and Bergé created a fabulous collection of art and a unique decoration over their 50 years of complicity.

Saint Laurent’s apartment is considered legendary for bringing together artists with differents inspirations and backgrounds; Picassou,Goya, Juan Gris, Mondrian, Fernand Léger, Vuillard…

It seems that this couple has set a goal to buy the best paintings and sculptures they could lay the hands on.

Simulating a museum, Saint Laurent apartment brought together some exceptional and real treasures throughout the different bedrooms, the salon and the liberary.

Including but not limited to, the apartment boasted  18th century furniture, Art Deco objects by Rateau, Ruhlmann, Jean-Michel Frank, Eileen Gray, Claude Lalanne, but also Egyptian antiquities, Goldsmiths of the Renaissance, enamels, ivories…

After the death of Yves Saint Laurent in 2008, Pierre Bergé decided to auction their dazzling collection and it was known as “The Sale Of The Century”

773 art objets were sold for a record amount of 375 million euros. Part of this amount goes to the Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint-Laurent foundation, the other to research against AIDS.

“I don’t want to think about that. For a month, Yves had cancer and I had plenty of time to think. I decided to sell everything because the collection doesn’t exist if he doesn’t exist.”