Top things to do in Paris winter 2017

Paris is the city that never takes a rest, busy all year-round. And winter season is no exception. Foggy, raining, chilling or even freezing you’ll definitely enjoy the restless city of lights! Paris winter 2017 boasts various activities catering to different tastes and lifestyles.

Paris Winter 2017: Cooking classes

One of the best ways to beat the cold weather is without any doubt delicious food. Well, i’m not talking about going to a restaurant and ordering some fine Frensh dishes (it seems a good idea eventhough 😉 ! ), what i do prefer is to enroll in a cooking class to know the tricks behind the internationally famous French cuisine.

Coq au vin, Ratatouille or Soupe à l’oignon, all the flavours and secrets will be unveiled for you. You may even keep it simple and try the flaky, buttery, mouthwatering croissant to treat yourself and  your family back home!

For the foodiest you are, there are plenty of cooking classes. So book your class now and become the next master chef 😀

Paris Winter 2017: Ice-skating

Winter has come and it’s due time to put on your ice skates. Luckily, for those who dare to stand on ice, fall and get up again and again, the capital features several skating rinks laid out at startegic points.

The Eiffel Tower Ice Rink

Once again this winter, the Eiffel tower welcomes ice-skaters in a rink located 57 meters above the ground. Until February 19th, the first floor of the “Iron Lady” welcomes ice-skating and hockey amateurs for some memorable sporting activities while onjoying a spectacular view over the capital, “wow effect” guranteed!

Montparnasse Tower Ice rink

You aim higher? From February 10th to March 5th, 2017 the Panoramic Observatory of the Montparnasse Tower welcomes a 210m2 skating rink and two curling rinks at a height of 210m. An ephemeral skating rink at such a high height is a real feat.

“At this altitude – 210 meters high – it will be a world premiere,” says Arnaud, son of Alain Comyn.

The terrace on the 59th floor, all dressed in white, hosts an ephemeral skating rink with a literally, breathtaking 360° panoramic view of the capital. This rink is accessible even to toddlers from the age of two, thanks to the sled chairs and the double-bladed skates provided.

Paris Winter 2017: Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate! Magic words and magic ingredients! Who doesn’t like chocolate? No matter where you are, by the time temperatures start tumbling down ,we all think of, prepare and drink hot chocolate. And i’m pretty sure while in Paris you will definitely be looking for the best spots that serve this treat with the most dinstinguished and rich flavors.

Certainly in such a busy city you’ll be lost for choice. Take off your gloves and get ready to taste hot chocolate to warm you up in one of these addresses, famous for serving the hottest and the creamiest hot chocolate around the capital! 😉

Paris Winter 2017: Wine tasting

France is internationally known for producing the finest and most prestigious wines. It is even said that the capital Paris has wine in its veins. Romanée-Conti, Raveneau, Margaux, Chave, Coche-Dury, Guigal… are some of the most venerated wines on the international level, and they are all French.

Our advice for you : Don’t just head to the first bar. Get your taste buds ready for some wine tasting sessions both for amateurs and connoisseurs! Whether red, white, sweet or sparkling… French wines will amaze you with its quality and diversity.

Paris Winter 2017: Circus and fun

No matter how old you are coz the upcoming events are adored by toddlers and adults alike. YES. We are talking about Circus! Clowns, acrobats, wild animals, jugglers and many other surprises await you in a fun, stress-free and most importantly warm atmosphere. 🙂

These are our tips to warm up and enjoy Paris during winter 2017. If you have other do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments below 😉