Plan Your Trip To Paris With Locals!

Before we visit a new country or a new city, our greatest concern is to plan it perfectly in advance so not to leave anything to chance. Who’s better to trust than locals who know the best spots and the hidden gems !

Hobbizer and Travel4real are trusted for providing tourists visiting Paris an original and authentic experience.


Hobbizer: Customize your trip with locals in few clicks!


Decided to visit Paris but still bewildered about where to go? You are rather a word of mouth person and you believe mainly in authentic experiences and personal feedback. For the lucky person you are, Hobbizer is the first Frensh website that have thought about you.

Whether you are visiting Paris for holidays or team building, for the first or the mellenium time, Hobbizer will accompany you in the planning of your activities and outings in Paris! Real parisians have tasted for you different restaurants and tried several activities. The add only THE BEST to their listing.

From the most classic to the most surprising and awe inspiring, Hobbizer offers a vast selection catering to all desires! 😀

Once your selection is complete, a personal organizer takes charge of your project and takes care of the entire organization ( booking, scheduling…) keeping in mind to guarantee you the lowest price and priority acess tickets…

If you were hesitant, i guess you’ll change your mind from now on! 😉


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