Hergé’s expo (and Tintin) at Grand Palais Until Januray 2017

Until 15 January 2017, the Grand Palais hosts an exhibition dedicated to Hergé, the famous father of Tintin. Original drawings and paintings will reveal the illustrator.


Hergé? That’s of course Tintin! 😀 Who wasn’t once (and still) addicted to Tintin and Snowy‘s adventures, the hero with over 250 million albums sold worldwide and translated into 110 languages and dialects. The cartoon that was created in 1929 is still watched around the world with 3 million albums sold every year.

(If you are keen on new technology, you can download Tintin adventures app from iTunes and take it with you everywhere.)

But, all this is beside the point. The exhibition held at Grand Palais is not dedicated to this cartoon hero. It is rather dedictaed to Hergé, Tintin’s father.

Unfortunately for the great public, the fame of Tintin often overshadows the work of its Belgian  creator Georges Remi, also known as Hergé. Paris, a leader in the cultural life, dedicated a whole exhibition to the work of Hergé at Grand Palais from September 28th, 2016 until January 15th, 2017.

This retrospective shows the creative process of this very talented artist, the influence that he exerted on other art forms such as photography or film. The exhibition is meant to explore the man himself, which was uncovered through various writings, testimonies and interviews.

From the age of 7 till 77, Hergé has proved an artistic genius and built up a work of an exceptional richness. Many facets of Hergé’s gift will fascinate all the exhibition’s visitors. He was at once a designer-writer, an illustrator, a publicist, one of the popes of the modern comic strip, the head of the Belgian comic….

You can see many pencil sketches that uncover hard draftsman, the first drafts of his most famous work. If the backbone of the exhibition is based on the genesis of the 24 Tintin albums, two rooms are devoted to his passion for painting and contemporary art.

Disappeared in 1983, Hergé has marked history and left a very rich heritage. If you are tempted to discover closely the work of an exceptional artist or you want to see the first drafts that made Tintin later on so popular, Hergé’s Expo At Grand Palais welcome you until January 15th, 2017.

Grand Palais; Hergé’s Expo (tintin)

When? Until January 15, 2017.

Where?  General Eisenhower avenue, 75008

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