Paris sweets sets a new trend

Paris is the only city in the whole world that has something for everyone: fashion, glamour, cuisine, history, fun… First and last, Paris is a wonderland where gourmets with a sweet tooth can treat their taste buds with the worldwide famous Parisian pastries.

To fully impress selective foodies, single-product pastry shops have paved the way to a new parisian trend: a whole shop dedicated to just one product. Great pastry cooks devote all their efforts and passion to create one of the most mouthwatering gourmandise ever.

Aux merveilleux


Aux merveilleux, just as its name suggests, it it the winning combination of sweet wonders.

Meringue, whipped cream and chocolate epitomize authenticity, generosity and taste in a mono pastry. This heavenly delicious french dessert started its success story almost thirty years ago, or more. Aux merveilleux, a flagship pastry that comes in several flavors to satisfy all tastes and fantasies.

Starting with a single-product store, now Aux merveilleux counts 7 stores in Paris only and is ready to conquer the world with different stores in Belgium, England, New York and Geneva.

Pierre Hermé


Here we come to the most famous French dessert: Macaroons! And when we say macaroons, we say Pierre Hermé.

Looking for the most popular, original and mouthwatering macaroons in the whole capital, this is THE address. For dessert or tea time, you’ll feel lost between basic (Vanilla, Caramel, chocolate…) or more creative flavors ( Olive Oil with Tangerine Mosaic = Pistachio, Ceylon cinnamon and Griottine, Envie = Vanilla, Violet and Berries Cassis,…).  No matter what flavor you opt for, one thing is guaranteed: your delight! Their Ispahan, however, is out of this world! :p

In Paris only, Pierre Hermé counts twelve stores all dedicated to the creation of second to non macaroons.

If you consider staying in the 1st arrondissement near the Louvre and Palais Royal, close enough to one of Pierre Hermé’s stores, our Coup de Coeur apartment is worth a visit! 😉



A notice to lovers of sweetness, sensuality, delicacy, flavoring…Popelini has become over the years a must for any fan of cream puffs. The quality and diversity of flavors are remarkable and you will never feel disappointed.

Both melting, tasty and delicious, Popelini cream puffs promise a gourmet pleasure your taste buds never sensed before. You will fall in love with them since the first bite.


29 Street Debelleyme 75003

44 Street des Martyrs 75003

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Dragees Girard


For all your baptism or wedding ceremonies, you can’t skip this store Dragées Girard. A brand started in the 1920’s wholly focusing their art and passion for the sake of creating unbeatable dragées (sugar-coated almonds).

The different generations that worked on these gourmandises are all artisan makers who have given from their souls to delight the most demanding connoisseurs. Their catalog is permanently enhanced with new creations to satisfy all tastes: and they definitely do.

Don’t you miss their dragées made of dark chocolate with 70% cacao; they are slightly sweet and very fragrant.

Dragées Girard

4 Street des Archives 75004 Paris

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