Paris celebrates « Fête de la musique 2016 »

What would the world be without music and festivals ? Can you even imagine ? Nevermind, Paris will never disappoint you. Luckily !

This year, numerous music festivities await you in every corner of the capital and the island of France during the 35th edition of « Fête de la musique 2016 » on June 21st.

On this occasion, musicians will invade the streets of the capital Paris and honor all genres of music. For this 2016 edition, all districts of the capital will fall into the annual Parisian festivities from dancing to live concerts. Certainly this year, there will be something for everyone. However, even if each district will host a varied range of shows, some sectors have decided to invest a genre in particular, to satisfy fans of jazz, rock, rap or world music.

Recalling the golden times when musicians  used to serenade folks while teetering on the edge of their apartment windwos, concerts, this year, will be taking place in bars, theaters, parks, on street corners and even on balconies.

Residents of the 1st arrondissement can head to the arts’ icon Louvre Pyramid and live to the rhythm of Mahler’s fourth symphony.

Looking for an apartement near the Louvre? 

Not so far, at Place Dauphine, Kenzo Fragnance creates the stir and launches on the occasion of the 35th Festival of Music, June 21st, the Bal Red Flower by Kenzo. On the menu ? ARP, The Pirouettes and also Anoraak.

The Champs Elysee, the beating heart of the capital, sets a rendez-vous at Le Petit Palais which partners with the “Young Talents” association for free concerts not to be missed in the Museum auditorium, Tuesday, June 21, 2016 from 02 :00 pm to 05 :00pm.

If you are staying at the astonishing luxury Montaigne Champs Elysees apartement, you’ll be at the heart of the beat.

Do you wanna dance ? Montmartre Electro Ball awaits all dancing lovers in the 18th arrondissement for a real breathtaking day full of music, rhythm and beat.

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This year, June 21, 2016 will be as always the highlight of this celebration. But, given the Euro 2016, many demonstrations will also take place a few days before and after June 21, leading to a true celebration week of the Festival of Music from Saturday 18 to Saturday 25 June.

So, whether you Rock, Jazz, Rap or Opera, all the walls of Paris will be dancing to your rhythm ! 😀