The Covered Passages of Paris

Dating back to the 19th century, with the majority of it being built during the first half of the century, the Covered Passages of Paris were, in fact, created to protect wealthy customers from bad weather while shopping.

In the mid-1800s, Paris counted more than 100 covered passages. Unfortunately, today there are less than 20 glass-roofed galleries.

Located around Les Grands Boulevards, the Covered Passages of Paris are regarded a real masterpiece of French architecture owing to the fact that they remain intact until today and still keep all their charm as well.

If you are excited to visit the Covered Passages of Paris, here is a pick of the most beautiful galleries that are still open to the public:

Galerie Vivienne:

Inaugurated in 1826, this luxurious gallery is situated just behind the Richelieu library. It’s really impressive architectural structure makes it one of the most charming and fascinating covered passages in Paris. Galerie Vivienne includes many stores such as Salons de thé (Tea rooms), wineries, old bookshops, and ready-to-wear shops. Furthermore, the inauguration of Jean Paul Gaultier’s store has contributed enormously to maintaining the gallery’s glory and prestige.

Passage des Panoramas:

Opened in 1800, Le Passage des Panoramas is, actually, the oldest covered passage in Paris. The thing that is widely known about this passage is that it was a source of inspiration for many leading artists. It was indeed mentioned in several works such as Zola’s novel Nana.

Le Passage des Panoramas also offers a wide choice of restaurants and bars where modernity blends with tradition. You can, for instance, treat yourself to a memorable gastronomic experience at the famous and cozy restaurant L’Arbre à Cannelle.

Passage Jouffroy:

Passage Jouffroy is located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris in the continuation of Le Passage des Panoramas. It was built in 1845. Thanks to its metal and glass unique architecture, it was considered a significant innovation in architecture and design at that time . Passage Jouffroy hosts diverse shops and establishments, such as the Hotel Chopin and the stunning waxwork museum Musée Grévin.