Short term rentals in Paris: all you need to know about the short stay insurance

Planning a vacation in Paris may need more than choosing the right place to stay, you need to think about the insurance policy to make sure you’ll spend a flawless vacation, and avoid any bad surprises.

Though a simple thing to do, many of you still don’t know a lot about short stay insurance. This post will help you learn more about the importance of the short stay insurance and the benefits you’ll get by simply taking one while spending your vacation in Paris.

You should think of getting an insurance as a way to protect yourself from any surprise or incident that may occur during your stay. By taking a short stay insurance, you’ll be legally covered in case of damage, theft, or fire as the French law presumes that tenants are responsible for property damages.

You’ll have thus to take a multi-risk home insurance, an insurance policy that covers any kind of damages and deteriorations the apartment may endure during your stay.

In a word, short stay rental insurance is a legal policy that covers the tenant and the owner’s rights as it helps resolves any kind of surprises or incidents you may not expect when planning your vacation. With that in mind, and aware of the importance of getting a short stay insurance, you’ll have to choose the adequate insurance policy.

Reading this, I’m pretty sure many of you are wondering how could they manage to find the right insurance company. Well, you don’t have to worry! During the reservation process, we will manage to help you find an insurance company to make things easy for you, and you’ll have of course the freedom to choose the company that suits you the most. Planning a vacation will never be as pleasant and easy as with Paristay, as we’ve managed to assist you through different steps of your trip.