Top 3 authentic places to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Paris

Spending the Valentine’s Day in Paris is certainly an occasion you want to enjoy to the fullest. Being one of the most romantic cities of the world, Paris has a lot to offer for that special occasion. Whether you’re a bit crazy and looking for quiet unusual ideas to celebrate Valentine, or sticking to ordinary ones to keep “classy”, the city of love will never let you down.
Last year, we tried to inspire you for a special Valentine in Paris (hope it was useful by the way!), and here we are again offering you a quiet special selection of authentic places to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Paris. We know you’re looking for something different, sensual, and unique. What if you tell him/her “I LOVE YOU” from above, and fly high both of you? Follow the leader and let your Valentine this year a one you’ll never forget.

Valentine On the Top of the Eiffel Tower

What could be better than planning a romantic evening in one of the most captivating places in Paris and enjoy taking a look at the whole city from the top? Share an unforgettable moment with your partner while watching the sunset on the top of the Eiffel Tower, and spread your love from above. Treat yourself afterwards with a great diner on the Seine: the one and only Don Juan won’t let you down for such a special occasion.

Valentine On the Top of Montparnasse Tower

Looking for some special places to spend a memorable Valentine? This is the place to be in Paris, the Montparnasse Tower is a unique place in Paris where you can enjoy a romantic escape far from the crowd, confess your love, and have the French kiss “à la française”. You can even pamper yourself with a very sensual Valentine in the Capital of love, live like a Parisian and enjoy a romantic dinner in a traditional Parisian Brewery. Consider visiting La Coupole and treat yourself with the most refined Parisian recipes made with love, to celebrate love.

Valentine On the top of la Grande Arche de la Défense

Here’s another wonderful place to celebrate your love and make your Valentine in Paris like no other, the top of the Grande Arche de Défense. Tough this this famous monument of the business district closes at 7pm, you certainly don’t want to miss the breathtaking view of the Arc de Triomphe  it offers. It’s the right place to say “I love you”, and make sure your love will always triumph.

Though love is constantly spread in Paris all year long, the City of Love turns to be more romantic than ever celebrating Valentine’s Day. Do not miss such a special day in Paris!

Joyeuse Saint Valentin les Zamoureux 🙂