Ride a bike like a Parisian: All you need to know about the Vélib’

Have you ever thought of exploring Paris on a bike? Well, you may have noticed the numerous cyclists riding through the capital, and wondered what would take you to do the same, live like a local, and take a deep breath of fresh air while touring the city.

Well, your Paris vacation can turn into an exciting trip if you consider trying the “Vélib’” and take a ride across the amazing biking paths the capital has to offer.

This little guide may help you, here’s all you need to know about the Vélib’.

What is the Vélib’?

You probably heard the word “Vélib’” so many times during your stay in Paris, and didn’t really know what did that mean. It’s a combination of the two words, Vélo (meaning Bicycle in French), and Liberty, referring to the bicycle sharing system of the City of Paris, launched in 2007.

The Velib’ bikes for rent have become one of the most popular means of transport in Paris. Cheap and practical in the heavy traffic conditions of the French capital, they have transported more than 2.1 million people in their first year of operation.

Your practical guide to use the Vélib’

The idea is great! The system is conceived to encourage Parisians to pracitce biking, and those who come as tourists discover the city in a different way.
In Paris there are currently almost 20,600 Velib bikes and over 1,450 rental stations. Remote stations are approximately 270 meters apart, and their number is four times higher than the number of subway stations.
The bikes are all the same, metallic-grey and conceived for 9,500 km annually.
The rental system is easy to use: you just need a Navigo card and the instructions are available in multiple languages. Rates are considered affordable, the first half hour of use is free, but if you overcome the first 30 minutes costs add up. Two hours of use can cost 7 euros, and you can make a subscription for a day or a week.
Velib si now a popular trend in Paris as it considerably attracts  Parisians and visitors who consider the system eco friendly, fun, and health boosting. A combination you don’t want to miss while in Paris, especially that the cycling paths are numerous, well maintained, and lead you through the less known spots of the capital, the authentic Paris you just need to discover.