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Shopping in Paris: Winter Sales 2016

Shopaholics in Paris, it’s finally time to do what you love the most without being sorry for your wallets: it’s shopping time! Winter Sales are blossoming in Paris inviting you to invest the numerous shops and malls of the capital to enjoy irresistible discounts on different items and brands, including the most luxurious. From January the 6th to February the 16th, 2016, Parisian shops and department stores will be crowded with fashion addicts who invest the capital to make huge purchases at low prices.

A renowned fashion capital, Paris is the Mecque of shopaholics who find their happiness in its numerous department stores offering the most sophisticated fashion trends and the most luxurious brands, especially during the sales periods.

Whether you’re a real fashion addict seeking only for international brands, or in search for the best deals at the right prices, you’ll sure find your happiness in Paris this winter.

With the sales kick off, here’s a little practical guide to help you enjoy the sales and make your purchases at the best conditions.

Galeries Lafayette: A Parisian shopping temple

The Galeries Lafayette stands for a fashion temple in Paris hosting each year millions of shopaholics in search for the latest trends. Over its 70000 square meters, the Galeries Lafayette hosts the most luxurious brands. Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Furla, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and many other brands are found there with attractive discounts reaching 70% so you can fill your dressing without ruining your wallet.

The Galeries Lafayette is exceptionally opening until 8pm30 and 9pm on Thursdays till the end of the sales, fixed on the 16th of February. They will also be opening on Sunday, January 10, 2016 from 11 am to 7pm.

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Centre Beaugrenelle: the Parisian shopping trend

When it comes to following the latest fashion trends, there’s a spot not to be missed in Paris: The Centre Beaugrenelle. Located at the very heart of the 15th arrondissement, the Beaugrenelle shopping center covers 45000 square meters, and shelters more than 120. International brands and latest fashion trends are what you’ll find the most at the Beaugrenelle, the address not to be missed in Paris.

The good news is that the shopping center hosts, besides the 120 stores, a cinema and numerous restaurants so you can take a break while shopping.

The shops are open from until 9 pm until Saturday, and 8 pm on Sundays, and the good news is that the restaurants are open up to 9.30 pm, you can thus take your time touring the shops and have dinner afterwards.

shopping in paris_beaugrenelle

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Tips and tricks for a succesful shopping

Before attacking the numerous stores and malls of the Capital, remember that you’re there to make the best of the sales and make as much purchases as possible, you have to think clever thus! Prepare your wish list in advance, so you don’t make unnecessary purchases you regret a few hours later.

You’ll be certainly tempted by the crazy discounts you’ll encounter through the luxury stores and the cozy concept stores dispersed all over the capital.

Remember, you won’t be shopping by yourself, the sales period attracts thousands of Parisians and visitors who invest the numerous department stores of the capital. You have thus to choose the right time to avoid the crowds, especially the weekends. Another tricky idea is to dress efficiently, so you can undress quickly and don’t waste much time on the fitting rooms.

Select the stores and avenues you want to visit to make your shopping, and find an apartment on the neighborhood so you can enjoy shopping to the fullest, treat yourself with your favorite brands, and have some rest after spending long hours touring the shops.

Let us know in the comments what was your shopping like, and which were your favorite spots 🙂