chinese new year in paris

Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Paris

Every year in Paris, the French capital takes a very special look to celebrate The Chinese New Year, a major event cherished by the whole Asian community. According to the Chinese culture, this year corresponds to the Year of the Monkey, and is celebrated on February, 8, 2016, said to be the first day of the first Chinese lunar month.

Origins of the Chinese New Year Festivities

A deep-rooted tradition, the Chinese New Year goes back in time to the 11th Century Before Christ, where people used the red color to fight against a monster. Numerous legends were told about the origins of this event, yet the Chinese New Year still makes a major element of the Chinese culture.

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, 2016 corresponds with the 4713th Chinese year, and each year is matched with one of the 12 animals that make up the counting system. Well, we don’t have to know a lot about it, all what matters now is that this event offers an amazing festive atmosphere, where people enjoy exciting times with family and friends celebrating the new year.

Chinese New Year festivities in Paris

As a multicultural city, Paris hosts a large Chinese community who doesn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the Chinese New Year through a variety of festive gatherings and events. Colorful parades, exiting gatherings and authentic Chinese gastronomy make part of the Parisian festivities on the occasion. Chinatown, located on the 13th arrondissement, witnesses every year astonishing parades.

The Chinese New Year in Paris is a whole week of festivities and celebrations, inviting Parisians and visitors to immerse in a cheerful atmosphere. Shows, exhibitions, parades and concerts are on the program this year to celebrate the arrival of the year of the Monkey.

For a whole week, the Chinese arts and culture will invest the French capital, with a variety of shows and parades marked by the traditional rhythm of drums. The profusion of colors and the subtlety of the costumes will amaze you, and make you immerse in a festive atmosphere. The festivities start on the 8th of February on different settings of the capital, yet, the Dragons Parade held in Chinatown on the 14th of February remains the most attractive one, with around 4000 people attending the parade.

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