Over the World in Paris: American Community

Thanks to the rich communities it hosts, Paris is the place where you can travel from a country to another, or maybe a continent to another, within a few hours. Here we are again taking you through Paris the multicultural, inviting you thus to immerse in the very essence of a great city, where people from different origins, races, and cultures live since centuries ago, making of the city more vibrant and exciting than ever thanks to this wonderful cultural diversity.

After taking you to Chinatown and the Braddy Passage, today we’ll get inside the American community at the 7th arrondissement, the district that hosts the biggest part of American citizens and institutions.

In fact, around 50,000 Americans live in Paris, a large community that strongly marks the cultural diversity in Paris. The 7th arrondissement seems to be the place where almost all the American institutions are centralized, the American University of Paris and the American Church of Paris being the most important.

Different events and ceremonies are organized for the American Community, many of which are of a religious background. You may feel a bit surprised, yet the Americans are in a way conservative, and still pay a lot of attention to all religious ceremonies and holidays. As part of these religious festivities, the American Church in Paris holds every Sunday the Sunday Worships, and is organizing a Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday, the 28th of November 2015.

Decidedly, talking about the American community in Paris won’t be fulfilled if we don’t tell you about Harry’s Bar, the oldest American bar in Paris. All Americans living in Paris or just passing by know this cult address, and can’t help visiting it again and again which made of it the must see American spot of Paris.  Its decor is that of a Manhattan antique bar, and it’s mainly acting as a meeting place for the American community in Paris, who come to gather on a homelike atmosphere.

Well, we can’t miss talking about the wonderful show that amazed Americans and Parisians alike, An American in Paris, I’m sure you guessed it well. The show was presented on a world premiere from November, 2014 till January 2015, at the Théâtre de Châtelet, one of the most prestigious cultural hubs in Paris. The musical was inspired from the famous movie of the same name and adapted to the stage, offering a performance that attracted millions of spectators in Paris, and is still facing a huge success as it’s running on Broadway actually.

That was all for our visit to the American Corner in Paris, hope you’ll like it. Let us know in the comments if you did visit any of these spots.