Our best spots to celebrate Halloween in Paris

Halloween had always been the event you never wanted to miss, it’s your favorite time of the year as it offers the occasion to have fun with friends, put all the scary disguises and party all night long.

Yet, it happens that you are in Paris for this Halloween, and besides the fact that you do not know a lot about the city, you have always heard that Halloween is not a “very French thing”, as it does not make part of the French culture.

Well, you’d better think twice! Halloween is increasingly attracting Parisians as a fact of the presence of different communities, though it isn’t a very rooted French tradition. Here’s our selection of the spots not to be missed to celebrate Halloween differently, in Paris, the city of light.

Le Manoir de Paris

If there were a place of the capital that had to celebrate the Halloween, it would definitely be the Manoir de Paris, the first haunted house in France. As every year, the Manoir de Paris concocts a unique show for this special event, and this year it is even more spectacular than ever.

If the original show already gave you chills, wait for the Halloween 2015 special edition as the Manoir de Paris raised the bar of fears and thrills. Black rites performed to the sound of ominous chant, barbaric instruments, hostile characters, as well as different tricky challenges will be waiting for you.

Get ready for amazing shows and activities to celebrate Halloween at the Manoir de Paris, and guess what, the program will extend until November 8th, 2015 for your great pleasure.

Disneyland Paris

If you’re spending your fall vacation in Paris with your family, and still searching for the right place to celebrate Halloween, you have to plan a visit to Disneyland Paris, a must visit spot that will certainly mark your holiday. For the occasion, Disneyland invites its visitor to a “wicked world”, where “villains” will take power over the place. Special disguises, a variety of activities and tricks, and much more will be on the rendezvous to make you immerse in the Halloween atmosphere, full of colors and extravagance. Celebrating Halloween 2015 in Disneyland Paris will be the guarantee of chills and deep thrills and of course a lot of fun for kids and adults.

At the special evening of October 31st, 2015, the Disney Villains will be more than ever in the spotlight, determined to make you shiver, as they will try to play tricks on you!

The witch in Snow White, Maleficent, and other villain Disney characters will have fun scaring you through the various attractions of Disneyland Park in a magical and mysterious atmosphere.

Halloween night visits at the Stade de France

Here’s another amazing spot to celebrate Halloween in Paris with your family and friends, the Stade de France welcomes you from October, 30th to November, 1st 2015 during three exceptional nights to enjoy Halloween as never before.

For the occasion, the great arena will turn into a haunted castle to offer visitors an atmosphere of deep thrills and fears. Makeup stands, creative workshops, as well as traditional distribution of sweets will mark the Halloween special evenings at the Stade de France.

Do not miss the occasion to spend a different Halloween evening at the Stade de France and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of deep thrills set especially for the occasion.

This was our selection of spots not to be missed to celebrate Halloween en Paris, which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments if we missed some other spots 😉