Three good reasons to visit Paris this Fall

Undoubtedly, Paris is worth visiting everyday of the year. Yet, the Fall seems to be the perfect season to visit the city of lights and enjoy authentic experiences while there. Besides being vibrant and alive as the locals come back home after summer holidays, there’s a lot to discover in Paris in the fall: a lot of events, concerts and fashion shows. Even the many restaurants, stores and cafés that you’ve always dreamed to visit and which you find closed last summer, are open and will be glad to welcome you in the fall.

Whether you’re familiar with Paris or may this be your first visit, here are 3 good reasons to visit Paris this fall.

Enjoy Philharmonie de Paris, a new cultural hub in Paris

Inaugurated on January 14, 2015, the Philharmonie de Paris is a cultural institution mainly devoted to symphonic music, providing great spaces equipped with high quality audio equipment to the great pleasure of classic music enthusiasts. Besides being an emblematic building in Paris, the Philharmonie de Paris is ideally located at the very heart of the capital just in front of the Grande Halle de la Villette, you can thus make the tour of the city and enjoy a visit to this fabulous building. You can also check the agenda and assist one of the numerous shows and exhibitions held at the Philharmonie de Paris all year long.

Brooklyn Rive Gauche au Bon Marché temple of fashion

The renowned Parisian store Bon Marché highlights the design trend that came straight from Brooklyn, New York to celebrate the fall.

From 3 September to 17 October 2015, the Bon Marché highlights the creativity of artists from New York District. A hundred designers and artisans will embody the creativity and vivacity of Brooklyn through the exhibition to discover in the Bon Marché.

A new generation made in Brooklyn to meet in the Parisian store, to celebrate the fall in style. Don’t miss it fashionistas!

Visit the famous Victoire de Samothrace after its total renovation

La Victoire De Samothrace, one of the most renowned masterpieces at the Louvre Museum, is now restored and exhibited at the museum unveiling more secrets of its glorious origins, the monument was said to be of a winged goddess statue; the messenger of Victory. The Louvre Museum welcomes each year millions of visitors who come to enjoy the fabulous statues and works of art it holds, La Victoire de Samothrace being one of the greatest.

Let me know in the comments if you have already visited Paris in the fall, and what you loved the most during your visit 🙂