“Paris, the city of lights” a flashback to the origins of the nickname

You think you know a lot about Paris, it’s been a long time since you fell under the charm of this wonderful city, and you feel familiar with its crowded streets and vivacity. Well, you’d better think twice! Even if you’re in love with the “City of Lights”, I’m pretty sure you know nothing about this nickname, its origins, and why Paris is called so.

This post will make you travel back in time and know more about the French capital, the city of romance, fashion and good manners, the wonderful ” City of Lights”.

In fact, the nickname “City of Lights” owes its origins to the early eighteenth century, at a time when Paris was the first city to illuminate its streets. The many gas-lit walkways were so attracting to the visitors, who, fascinated by the look Paris took at night, gave it the name of “City of Lights”. It’s even said that the Londoners were the ones at the origin of this nickname. The brightly illuminated streets of Paris counted nearly 56 000 gas lamps at that time. A well deserved nickname it seems, Paris had ever since been the most brilliant city, as all its squares, monuments and streets were often enlightened.

Paris is in fact a way more attracting and charming by night as the light added a special touch to its charming atmosphere. More brilliant and shining than ever, Paris still attracts visitors from the four corners of the globe who come to enjoy its vibrant nightlife, as part of its distinctive nickname.

Well, words won’t be fair enough to describe the beauty Paris takes by night, take a look at this video if you haven’t seen it yet, and check our selection of vacation rentals to enjoy your next visit to Paris.

Well, that’s all for our journey to the past, let me know what you think about it in the comments 🙂



Photo Credits Guillaume REDON