Essential tips for an infallible Paris vacation

You’ve finally decided your destination, you can no longer resist Parisian charm and you’re heading to Paris with one thing in your mind: spending a memorable vacation in the city of lights! Well, as it may seem, Paris is the city that holds the most spots to discover and secrets to unveil. You need thus to plan your vacation in advance in order to have great times in one of the most alluring cities in the world.

Here’s our tips and tricks to make of your Paris vacation a real success, follow the leader!

Before Travelling

You certainly know a lot about Paris, the main touristic spots, the weather, the official language and so on. Yet, making some more researches before travelling will allow you avoid troubles and surprises while there. Make sure you check weather predictions, it will help you choose the appropriate clothes, and plan which activities to try accordingly.

As for your stay in Paris, renting a fully equipped apartment is the ultimate way to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, to feel free and spend your time with your family and friends in a homelike atmosphere. Paristay will help you find the finest in all Parisian districts.

Another thing to make sure of is to learn some french words, it will facilitate  communication with the locals. By simply learning “bonjour”, “merci”, “s’il vous plait”, you can strongly demonstrate your respect to French culture, and thus feel more at ease when talking with a local. Remeber that French are renowned for gallantry and good manners, you need thus to keep in mind that you have to avoid some words and behaviors, a look at this post may help!

While in Paris

The Eiffel Tour, The Champs Elysées, The louvre Museum, these are the main spots that appeal to you the most, isn’t it?  Yet, it would be great to consider visiting some original Parisian places that can help you find out more about authentic Paris, get away from the used touristic spots and live like a real Parisian. Your children will also enjoy their trip to Paris especially if you consider taking them to the famous Disney Land, and why not planning visiting these amazing spots, they will certainly appreciate it.

Last but not least, when in Paris do not miss the occasion to taste the mouthwatering French dishes, whether you’re a fancy foody or just a simple eater, you certainly won’t resist the tempting french cuisine. Consider booking a secret food tour, try the cookening experience and immerse yousrelf in the amazing French gastronomy.

These were our tips to follow for a memorable Paris Vacation, which are yours? Do not hesitate to share your own tips and tricks with us.

Bon Voyage 🙂