“How to become Parisian in one hour”, the art of being Parisian by Olivier Giraud

While Paris is known for its charm, romance, and elegance, Parisians seem to almost all tourists “unfriendly” (not so sure of that!). If you find it hard to handle your stay in Paris, don’t wait anymore and come to the training approved by more than 250.000 spectators from all around the world!  “How to become Parisian in one hour” will be your guide to act like a real Parisian in every situation you’ll encounter during your Paris vacation.

It’s in fact a perfect training to understand the French culture so you’ll know how to act in every situation! You’ll get a glimpse inside attitudes, gestures and actions typically Parisians. Through his show, Olivier Giraud teaches you to become Parisian in all occasions: in a shop, in a restaurant, at a mall and more. You can even learn how you dress and interact with others, how to recognize the Parisian facial expressions and how to use French sentences correctly.

The only English speaking show in Paris, “How to Become Parisian in one Hour “ is in a way a survival guide in Paris where Olivier Giraud teaches us to adopt the right attitude at the different daily life situations. For 60 minutes, he will draw a portrait of the capital inhabitants in a very funny way. The show is of course in English, “à la française”, that’s to say a very simple English so that everyone will easily understand it, even those who do not master the language.

Olivier Giraud’s English-speaking one-man-show is still attracting Parisians and international tourists for the fifth consecutive year, and this year “How to become Parisian in one Hour” runs at the Théâtre des Nouveautés till December, 28th, 2015.

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The show has played more than 900 times in five years and shows to be a big success as it will be playnig until 2017. A deserved success with both Parisians and tourists, where you can spend some memorable times in an international atmosphere where French mix with different nationalities to laugh in a picturesque theater watching one of the most successful Parisian shows ever.

More than 250.000 spectators had already followed Olivier Giraud’s guide, Why not you?

Théâtre Des Nouveautés
Address : 24, boulevard Poissonnière – 75009 Paris
Metro: Grands Boulevards (lines 8-9)
Bus: 20-39-48: stop “Poissonnière” or “Good News”
Parking: Bourse
* Not recommended for teenagers under 16