The Magic Museum in Paris

Magicians, illusionists, magic shows, an overwhelming world that never ceased to amaze us, from early childhood to our adult years. Some of the magic scenes we assist remain unexplained and keep us speechless as the tricks they present remain unexplained for us! If you’re such a big fan of magic tricks and that the surreal forces attract you, you should consider a visit to the Magic Museum (Musée de la Magie) in Paris, where you’ll be founding out about the secrets behind magic shows.

At the very heart of the Marais, The Magic Museum welcomes its visitors who come to discover the surrealistic world of magicians as the musuem exhibits eveything related to this art: magic wands, secret boxes, magician hats…  Founded in 1993 by George Proust, this museum remains one of the most attractive places in Paris to spend some funny times with family and friends and unveil the secrets of this surrealistic world, especially that the museum goes back to the very beginning of this art.

Throughout the seven rooms of the museum, visitors will discover the history of the magic as an art that goes back to the 18th century as they will be discovering prints, posters as welle as antique objects illustrating the history of magicians.

Even better, professional magicians will assist visitors all along the visit to explain more abouit the secrets and tricks they perform. A magic show room and close-up is offered during the visit. The resident magician of the place is Cadeac Jerome, one of the best representatives of this art.

The museum displays as well one of the first versions of the tower Woman Sawn used by Thurston, an American magician of the early century. In this model, the table does not separate.

The most impressive room is undoubtedly that of Interactive Optical Illusions, based mirror games or holograms. Every half an hour, a magic show of about fifteen minutes takes place presenting classic tricks and allowing visitors to try some such as card tricks.

The tour ends with an exceptional magic show that will completely amaze you as it goes deeply into this strange world where nothing is ever what it seems. The museum also upholds a small shop which is stil an opportunity for a final series of demonstrations.  and the good news for all the magic enthisiast that  The Georges Proust magic academy diffuses her creations.

For a different experience in Paris, and especially if you’re travelling with your kids, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Magic Museum. And for a better experience, get immersed in the magic atmosphere right from the start, and consider staying at the Apartment Theatre Voltaire, one of our finest apartments, offering a unique relaxing atmosphere.



Magic Museum

Address : 11 rue Saint-Paul, 75004 Paris

Phone : +33 1 42 72 13 26
Opening hours :
Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday: 10h-19h
Adults: 9 € Children (3-12 years): 7 €