The best sunset over the Seine

Visiting Paris is not only about queuing to enter the Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris or mounting Eiffel Tower. Sometimes, all you need is to act like a Parisian, relax in one of the various terraces in the capital of light and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in Paris.

Something tells me that all you’re looking for in these hot days is a restaurant with a terrace. However, here’s a more original option; the two banks of the Seine River, the largest terrace in Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

One of the trendiest spots is the left bank where Rosa Bonheur houseboat is located, just near the famous Alexandre III bridge.

A terrace is perfect for families, couples and kids. As cars are excluding from circulating, you can bring your kids to play and enjoy their time without fears. You may as well rent a velib, like we did and discover the beauty of the Seine.

Bringing together water, sun and nature, the left bank offers one of the best sunset views with the Eiffel tower overlooking the Seine. For architecture and history buffs, Alexandre III bridge is classified as a historical monument and is considered a beauty itself.

Without any complication, if you wanna chat, eat, relax, enjoy your time without so much jostling and be a Parisian for one day, head to the left bank of the seine and why not visit the emblematic Rosa Bonheur which will undoubtedly fulfill your taste buds.