Our selection of the best ice cream bars in Paris

Everyone loves ice cream. Well, almost! Yet, we do agree that nothing is better than a good ice cream to cool off when summer is in full swing and the sun beats down!

For those who love this amazing dessert, and who are always eager to taste and discover different flavors, we have picked for you the best addresses to enjoy exceptional ice creams in Paris.

Berthillon :

Undoubtedly the most famous glacier in Paris, Berthillon enjoying more than sixty years of existence that allowed him to be the must visited address in Paris when it comes to ice cream. Renowned worldwide for its flawless ice creams, Berthillon serves delicious homemade ice cream with a very large selection of flavors  that vary with seasons, including cocoa whiskey thyme, lemon or pine nut praline! One thing is sure, once you try it, you’ll be getting back there over and over!

Address : 29-31 rue Saint Louis en l’Isle, 75004.

Grom :

Created by two young Italians in 2003, Grom has quickly spread through Europe, and came to be one of the most renowned glaciers. Here, everyone will certainly find his happiness, and guess what! even those going on special diets will be lucky to find gluten free ice creams, this is Grom’s healthy bet ! A very tasty gelato, made with the ultimate respect to the italian traditions and served in cosy atmosphere. As for us, our best flavors were a peach sorbet as well as an amazing combination with “Nocciola” and “Vaniglia”.  Irresistible and healthy,  a perfect combination for ice cream,  try it and you’ll adore it!

Address : 81 rue de Seine, 75006.

 Mary Gelateria:

One of the best in the Maris district of Paris, Mary Gelateria won in 2008 the “cono d’oro ‘ first prize of an ice cream contest in Italy. In a girly pink decor, Mary offers irresistible homemade ice cream. The thirty flavors vary according to the seasons, offerring thus a a large panel of choice for the sweet tooth in search for different fragrances. In a word, Mary Gelateria is a real heaven for ice cream lovers.

Address : 1, rue Charles-François Dupuis – 75003 Paris

La Tropicale

As its name suggests, La Tropicale is the best ice cream bar in Paris specializing in exotic flavors. There are mango, passion fruit, coconut , but also amazing spicy mixtures: Yuzu – pepper and Espelette-pepper sorbets,  though unusual yet extremely delicious. This is in fact the originality of its fragrances and its associations of flavors that strongly distinguish La Tropicale and make of it THE place to discver amazingly different ice creams!

Address : 163 Boulevard Vincent Auriol, 75013.

Martine Lambert

A key figure of Deauville, Martine Lambert brought the good milk and cream of Normandy to Paris to prepare some of the most amazing ice creams. Martine Lambert is the must visit address to taste smooth ice cream, often with original flavors, and sorbets with 70 % fruit content. Martine Lambert a real passionate who ofers a menu that does not forget the classics but is enriched with amazing and delicious flavors like grapefruit sorbet and candied ginger. Make sure to taste the amazing pudding apple-cinnamon a heavenly flacor that we strongly recmmand.

Address : 39 rue Cler, 75007

This was our selection of ice cream spots on Paris, which are yours? Do not hesitate to comment the selection and tell us about your favorite flavors!