Le bar sans nom: the bar that predicts your future

Who has not wanted to know what the future holds? How your love story will end? How challenging your job is going to be? … Admit it, it is rather tempting. If you haven’t tried even once to read your tarot back home, seize your opportunity here in Paris.

No need to look far. Le Bar Sans Nom in the Bastille district is a unique spot where two specialists of tarot reading will predict your future for free. What a treat!

As its name suggests …. this bar has no name …. (!)

Nestled in De Lappe street, Le Bar sans nom has become a reference since the 90s in the 11th arrondissement.

All fans of future predicting, fun and amusement head to Le Bar Sans nom every Tuesday.

Free tarot sessions normally start at 5pm, you’de better arrive before to reserve your seat, leaving you plenty of time to get acquainted with enthusiasts and fortune-telling tarot readers.

In the flickering light of candles, you will meet one of the four tarot readers, Jororowsky disciples, the tarot master of Marseille. You can ask the questions that trot in the head, you pull some cards of tarot deck and the experts will offer a response depending on the cards and your past.

The surrounding décor enhances the whole feeling of magic and clairvoyance.

When one enters for the first time it’s like teleported into the dining room of the father of Indiana Jones, the Baroque décor overrun with purple dye the eclectic furniture, draperies, lamps and decorative elements make this place a warm Capharnaüm.

Besides offering free tarot sessions, Le Bar sans nom in itself is a real haven in the heart of the bustling capital.

One of the advantages of the place from the rest of the street is that institutions do not have to shout to talk. Therefore ideal place to meet for a chat in small groups.

Here one feels like home. To enjoy a mojito quiet in the heart of Bastille district, this is where it happens! The best table? In the center to feel like home in the middle of her living room. “People are discovering the bar as if rubbing Aladdin’s lamp and they discovered the genius inside,” explains the manager smiling. And we have a great desire to believe. 😉