Wakatepe, a different way to start you day

“Early to bad and early to rise, makes man healthy wealthy and wise”, easy to tell not to practice! Who said so? In Paris, you’ll be finding enough motivation to wake up early and party in the morning. It’s no joke, Wakatepe will be offering Parisians the chance to wake up differently, in a festive and dancing manner.

After New York, London and Berlin, the “Wake-Up Party ” is finally setting in the capital, thanks to Wakatepe, a community of individuals who wake up differently, and invite you to come and party early in the heart of Paris.

Who said that Paris lived only at night? Partying in the morning before going to work, is possible: Yoga, fruity and balanced breakfast and upbeat music are here for a better start of your day.

Wakatepe proposes a formula similar to that of New York, where you will be gathered to have fun, make some exercise, have breakfast and party before going to work. This summer, starting from the 3rd of June, grumpy Parisians will be invited to the “Wake-Up Party” where the city will “wake up together.”

The starting point will be at 6:30 am with a California yoga class, where you’ll be witnessing an amazing sunrise  in Paris. At 7:30 am, the music takes over for a tribal atmosphere : deephouse to African inspiration with the Parisian band Mawimbi, Your body will breathe good mood.
After the effort the comfort: enjoy a mouthwatering healthy breakfast and relaxation before going to work.

This exciting event will be taking place for the first time in Paris on June the 3rd, and only 300 participants will be attending it. No one knows yet where it will be taking place, the lucky guests will have all the details via mail 48 hours before the event.

We will keep you informed of the latest news, stay tuned and let us know if you’re intending to make part of the Wakatepe community!


First Wakatepe Wake-Up Party in Paris
Wednesday, June 3rd
6:30 – 10 am
Undisclosed location
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