Go exotic and discover the “Coco de Mer”

When it comes to food and gastronomic delights, French cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most refined, yet, you may need to change flavors, and discover different tastes and spices while in Paris. Good news, Paris hosts plenty of themed restaurants that delight the eyes and the taste buds, and today we’ll be inviting you to discover the amazing “Coco de Mer“, an atypical restaurant that welcomes you in the Seychelles at the very heart of Paris.

As its name suggests, Coco de Mer is a restaurant that serves Seychellois dishes, as the Coco de Mer (the biggest nut in the world) grows exclusively in the Vallée de Mai on Praslin Island, one of the most renowned islands of the Seychelles Archipelago.

Transformed into a sandy beach, with palm trees, colorful paintings and antique ship models, “Coco de Mer” will transport you to the Indian Ocean as if by magic. This Seychellois restaurant offers traditional recipes of this small country made up of archipelagos. Rougail sausages, spicy “Poulet-moutia” marinated and grilled, swordfish curry with coconut milk : a rich menu that vary according to seasons.

The originality of the place and the refined quality of the dishes are combined in the “Coco de Mer” to offer guests an exceptional moment, where they immerse in the magic atmosphere of the Seychelles, and eat “foot in the sand”.

A large selection of wines and cocktails are served with meals, and to top it all, the hospitality and the friendliness of the staff are simply delightful. In short, “Coco de Mer” is a must in Paris.

So when you’ll be travelling to the “Seychelles” of the 5th arrondissement? Feel free to tell us about your favorite themed restauarants, and those you won’t get back to!

Coco de Mer

Adress : 34 boulevard Saint Marcel, 75005 Paris

Phone +33 77 67 20 June 26 | Closed Sunday