YouShould: Book a table in a bar for free

Technology never ceased to surprise us and somehow facilitate our lives. In one of our blogs, we have talked about the Top 10 travel apps you need to download before your visit Paris.

Following the same trend, we are going to explore with you the wholly new app ” YouShould ” that gained repute and created the buzz since it was officially launched in November 2014.

Inspired by La Fourchette, YouShould app offers its users to book a table with friends in the nearest bars, or even privatize a bar for their parties for free. This is the first French start-up to offer this type of service.

Now let’s take a deeper look on the origins behind the idea of creating YouShould in the words of its founder:

In the fall of 2012, I went to Berlin with my friend and partner Paul Préville. On site, we have not found any mobile solution to find, discover and book in bars. Back in Paris, we investigated whether this type of service existed. As we do not find, we decided ourselves develop the solution to our problem.


We have created a service that simply allows to book a table in a bar for free and to party with his friends in an adapted space. By booking with youshould, guests enjoy a discount on drinks: extended happy hours, offered drinks … We are the only system in France of automated bars booking. Through automatic mailing of emails and sms, our users and patrons of bars come into relationship without human intervention once a reservation is accepted.

Up to 130 of the best bars in Paris and Lyon are referenced to date. Looking for bars for a birthday or other events, Whether you are 5 or 300, find a large choice of bars by districts, depending on the night you want (dance floor, karaoke and bowling).

YouShould  is available on iOS and Android,  in French and English.