Our Top 5 cheese shops in Paris


The French culinary heritage is based mainly upon Bread, Wine and CHEESE! General de Gaulle once said :

“How can you rule a country where there are more than 300 cheese varieties?”

Paris is buzzing with cheese shops (known in French as Fromageries) selling all types of cheese that will amaze the most gourmet among you! Whether Goat cheese, Roquefort or Camembert you’ll taste cheese like no where else in the whole world.

Though a bit hard (given their high-quality and variety) we tried to gather the top 5 cheese shops in Paris, unmissable spots while you’re there!



Quatrehomme cave for cheese refining

Quatrhomme is a family run business that exists since 1953. Alain who worked with his parents, now refines cheese with his wife Mary and their children. In 2000, Mary Quatrehomme was the first woman awarded “Best craftsman of France”.

Her passion for cheese making can be felt and equally smelt since your first steps in. The secret behind their success is hidden way underground. They have a cave dedicated to each type of cheese: a cave for hard cheeses, another for blue cheeses, and finally one for the goat cheese.

Don’t you ever think of leaving without trying the specialty of the house: the refined Vacherin Mont d’Or  with truffle invented by her husband Alain. The good news is that you can taste as many cheeses as you want till you find your ONE!


62 Rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris
01 47 34 33 45

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Chez Virginie


chez virginie1
Chez Virginie cheese shop


Here’s a real heaven for all cheese lovers just at the foot of Montmartre. Being the heir of two generations of cheese affineurs, Virginia Boularouah is a passionate of cheese making. She has a broad knowledge and advises her clients to perfection.

With several novelties every week, the tastings are really out of this world. An equipped cave in the basement enables Virginia to carry herself the cheese ripening according to the seasons.

It offers a hundred varieties, including a burrata, goats Augignac and blue Termignon.  Virginia organizes tastings blending cheese, wine and good bread. Yummy!


54 Rue Damrémont, 75018 Paris

01 46 06 76 54



Alleosse cheese shop in the 17th arrondissement


Alléosse is primarily a family affair. Philippe Alléosse parents run for several years a small cheese shop between Gare du Nord and Gare de l’Est.

Recognized as “Master artisan cheese producer-affineur”, Alleosse his cheese shop in the seventeenth arrondissement of Paris since 1984.

For all cheese gourmet, upon stepping inside the shop you’ll be transported to the cheese wonderland; there is something for eveyone from all France corners; all prepared with alot of passion ans patience. Bon appétit!


13 r Poncelet, 75017 PARIS

01 46 22 50 45


Fromagerie Jouannault in the 3rd arrondissement


Opened since 1990, Jouannault is considered one of the temples of Parisian cheese lovers. Today the daughter Priscilla and her husband Nicolas has inherited the love, passion and craftsmanship for cheese making.

They select and refine the best cheeses. They move as often as possible to meet their producers and find the best quality . This is what makes their reputation. No kidding, you’ll be lost for choice among all the specialties. Don’t leave without trying their yummy  camembert “Jort”. Believe me you won’t regret it! 😉


39 Rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris

01 42 78 52 61

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Laurent Dubois

A wide selection of cheeses at Laurent Dubois fromagerie


Friendly service, a nice choice and most importantly a staggering choice of best refined cheese; this could simply be Laurent Dubois fromagerie.

At your request  you can taste various cheeses until you find the one or “ones” that perfectly amaze your taste buds.
Cheeses are ripenedin a way rarely seen elsewhere like we see them and rarely ( salers Loupiac, 24 months a mimolette that will make you  dream, an Italian cheese with truffles…)

Each house has its specialty, try their refined Camembert with Calvados or apple pie or you can simply vacuum pack them to pamper your beloved ones home with a very distinguished gift.



Here’s what we have selected for you. Waiting for your suggestions and recommendations! CHEEESE 😀 !