5 secret places to discover in Paris

You’ve been to the Eiffel Tower, visited the Champs Elysees, did all the parks and museums of the capital and starting to get bored? Don’t worry, there’s much more to discover in Paris, and your trip will be so exciting if you consider visiting some of the less known spots of the city.

In fact, the beauty of Paris and its singularity lies in the amazing variety of places you can visit, Paris offers some secrets and surprising places little known, yet of great importance.

La petite ceinture de Paname

This old railway line, open to travelers in 1854, is now THE must have trip in Paris that starts to make the buzz among nature lovers. As it has been abandoned for a long time, nature has reasserted itself and made of the “Little Belt” the ecological corridor of Paris. Indeed, this site is one of the richest of the city in terms of biodiversity.

If you are a graffiti artist, a tagger, a photographer or if you are just looking for a unique and surprising ride in Paris, make sure you get to the Little Belt of Paname, and enjoy being among the fewest to get there before it becomes a tourist area.

La petite ceinture de Paname

Address : Rue Didot, 75014 Paris

How to access? On the southern part of the line, at Alesia, you can go under the Rue Jean Moulin in the 14th or the Villa Brune to be more discreet. In the 12th, there is a passage in the square of Rottembourg Street. In the 16th, you’ll find the Little Belt between Boulevard Emile Augier and Jules Sandeau Boulevard, close to the RER station Avenue Henri Martin.

Les passages couverts

Symbol of the architecture of the capital in the early 19th century and places where the typical “Parisian stroll” was invented, the Covered Passages of Paris are true architectural gems. These sidewalks secretly connect major avenues and offer beautiful pedestrian savvy shortcuts. Hanging around the Covered Passages offers a great way to cross the city away from cars and noise, alongside theaters, cafes and restaurants. It is this versatility that establishes the identity of the Covered Passages, an amazing place that unveils another face of Paris, authentic and unusual.

Our selection of some of the most beautiful passages
Le Passage du cerf, with its famous glass roof and creative craftsmen, in the 2nd arrondissement
Le Passage des Princes – Boulevard Italians Richelieu Street, the 2nd arrondissement
The Colbert Gallery – Luxury and Culture, 2nd arrondissement
The Molière Gallery – St. Martin Street in the Rue Quincampoix, 3rd arrondissement
The Brady Passage – Between Strasbourg and rue du Fg Saint-Denis, 10th arrondissement

Les Catacombes de Paris

Let’s make it clear right from the start, the Catacombs of Paris is nothing but a mass grave putting together the remains of 6 million Parisians. Not very glamorous, i know! Yet, the place is really worth a visit as it offers a fantastic discovery of the history of Paris, construction and life careers, as well as some underground works.

Through a guided tour, you will discover 2 km of underground tunnels littered with sculptures, skeletons of all kinds and point of memento mori! A fascinating tour that will enlighten you about the history of Paris

Far from being gloomy, visiting the Catacombs, renovated in 2005, is a must have visit while in Paris that invites to a timeless journey.

Catacmbs of Paris

Address : 1 Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy, 75014 Paris

The garden of the Buddhist Pantheon

In the heart of the 16th arrondissement, discover The garden of the Buddhist Pantheon, a marvel that came straight from Japan. A hidden garden with an area of 450 m2 where giant bamboo alongside a pretty little pond. Come and enjoy this little peace of heaven, where vegetation, flowers and quiet await you. An authentic tea house located in the garden welcomes tea ceremonies and offers a cozy atmosphere to the visitors, it’s in fact THE zen area of Paris, do not miss it.

The garden of the Buddhist Pantheon
Address : 19 Avenue of Jena – 75016
Free entry

La Chapelle Expiatoire

Far from the major Parisian monuments, the Expiatory Chapel explores one of the darkest sides of Paris: the French Revolution and the Terror. Raised in the same place where Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were buried, La Chapelle Expiatoire is one of the most overwhelming secret monuments of the capital.

Expiatory Chapel

Address : 29 Rue Pasquier, 75008 Paris
Tel : 01 44 54 19 33

This was thus our selection of the secret places to discover in Paris, yet the city has more to offer. Adventurers can explore the Sewers of Paris to explore the underground side of the city of light. The bravest can get to the Manoir de Paris, and for those who are in constant search for new experiences, you will be certainly amazed at Dans le noir.

Feel free to comment our selection, and tell us about your favorite secret places in Paris 😉