Our top 5 Creperies in Paris

 A fancy foodie or a just a simple eater, you can’t simply leave Paris without having one decent serving of crêpe/galette. If you’re looking for good crepes in Paris, just go to any creperie and you’ll get it. However, if you’re looking for the best ones, consider our selection of top 5 creperies and you’ll be amazed.


Creperie Breizh


Creperie Breizh café is a foodie paradise, a must stop in the Marais. They make some of the tastiest galettes ( savory crepes) and sweet crepes in the capital with a great variety of selection on the menu. You’ll have a great choice for lunch or dinner, especially if you are gluten free. The food is so delicious prepared with precision and great attention to detail while sourcing very fresh and flavorful ingredients. Do not forget to try  their yummy cider and enjoy your meal in a great location at the 3e. Reservations are required as it gets really busy.

Breizh Creperie.fr 

111 Rue Vieille du Temple 75003 Paris

01 42 72 13 77

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Creperie Broceliande


“Home made” are the key words to this establishment with a traditional and innovative card. Nestled between les Abbesses and Sacré coeur, creperie Broceliande is a must stop to have an atypical pause.

Laetitia & Hervé , the owners, will be delighted to welcome you  in their little corner of Brittany in the heart of Montmartre.  The menu is varied and original, light and very good dough contains a generous topping. Here, Brittany comes to you with crepes and galettes made in the Breton culinary tradition .

Try their specialty “galette dentelle” (lace pancake in english), from the first bite your senses will take to a journey to the 7th sky. You can enjoy also their Breton artisan liquors such as fine Brittany, Plougastel strawberry , Chouchen, Breton whiskey …

Creperie Broceliande is a real culinary haven if you want to have a break when touring Montmartre.


15 Rue des Trois Frères, 75018 Paris
01 42 23 31 34


Creperie Chez Nicos

At Chez Nicos you can try the best Parisian crepes with Greek accent! Personally, any time i feel like yearning for a crepe whether savory or sweet i just head toward Nicos in the 5e and enjoy the mouthwatering crepes he prepares just under my eyes. I almost tested all the varieties they serve; ham,, mushroom, cheese egg, bacon etc, as well as sugar and butter, chocolate, etc. banana… and believe me they are all DIVINE and second to none.

What adds to this unique culinary experience is definitely the friendliness of the service and the anticipation of waiting for your crepe to be done.

Chez Nicos

44 street Mouffetard, 75005 Paris

01 45 87 28 13

Creperie josselin


 Everything about La Creperie de Josselin lives up to it’s reputation. Looking for an authentic creperie that serves delicious and fresh crepes together with tasty cider, la creperie de Josslin is a must-try. Motparnasse street is filling with restaurants and almost 20 creperies, just look for the one with the longest queue and you’ll end up in the right spot.
De Josslin is an ideal stop for lunch as they continue to offer a daily lunch menu for 12 Euros that includes a Couple de Sarrasin complet (buckwheat crepe filled with ham, cheese and an egg), either a dessert crepe of your choice or a beverage (your choice of cider, wine, water, orange or apple juice, or a Coca Cola).
To feel full while eating some of the most delicious and mouthwatering food for only 12€, this is what we call a buckwheat bargain by Paris standards.
Creperie de Josslin
67 street Montparnasse, 75014 Paris
01 43 20 93 50

Creperie West Country Girl



West Country Girl, another unique creperie that serves beton style crepes. However crepes prepared and served here are of unparalleled taste. Filled with cucumber and bacon,bacon and mushrooms, goat cheese and spinach, salmon and pine nuts, , or andouille sausage…they’re all yummy. Crispy, hot, cheesy, slightly tangy and incredibly delicious this what awaits you at West country girl which is a walking distance from Pere Lachaise.

West Country Girl.com

6 Passage Saint-Ambroise, 75011 Paris
01 47 00 72 54