The Brady Passage: Little India of Paris!


Since my childhood, i have watched many Bollywood movies. I was, and i’m still, enchanted by their costumes, Saris,  traditions, warm colors, dancing and liveliness. Some years ago i watched “Mistress of spices” of Aishwarya Rai (who is by the way my favorite Indian actress), and i realized that without putting a foot in India i can experience the Indian culture from where i live.

I did some researches and  headed afterwards towards the Brady Passage which is situated in the 10th arrondissement in Paris.  In fact, this small passage between street du Faubourg Saint-Denis and street Faubourg St Martin is an express flight Paris-Bombay.


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No wonder that Brady passage is nicknamed “The little India of Paris”. From the moment you step your foot in, you’ll be welcomed by the smell of spices, Biryani and Curry, the bright colors of their beautiful Saris and Turbans, all in atypical ambiance with an Indian music played in the background.

Close your eyes … and be enchanted by the colors and scents of India in the heart of Paris. Little India today offers a variety of restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Indian and Pakistani cuisine at low prices: Taj Mahal, Pooja, New Delhi


To complete this introduction to Indian culture, the walkway contains as well a very famous grocery shop, the Velan grocery store, where you can find there both fruits and vegetables (sweet potatoes, cassava, peppers …), as spices of all kinds, frankincense (a wall around!), rice, beer, bread nan, chutneys, jewelry, decoration Indo-kitschouille …

You will find as well textile sellers, carpets and the inevitable Bollywood movie.

The visit of Passage Brady is an invitation to a sensory, aromatic and visual journey to India and its wonders!

Bon Voyage!



Passage Brady
Between 46 street du Faubourg-Saint-Denis and 33 Boulevard de Strasbourg, 75010 Paris.
Metro (4) Château d’eau or (4) / (8) / (9) Strasbourg-Saint Denis