Skydiving in Paris, an extraordinary rush of Adrenaline

You want to experience an activity rich in emotions and intense thrills and live a moment of pure happiness while in Paris? Just opt for a parachute jump! Only the adventurous can  enjoy an extreme and unique experience by performing a free fall in tandem!

The adventure begins with a 20 minute briefing in which your monitor shows you the instructions to follow during the tandem parachute jump and equips you with a harness. You don’ have to worry as all monitors are qualified professionals and will have complete control of the jump.

Get your seat on the plane and  after reaching altitude (4000m), the pilot reduces the speed of the aircraft and the monitor opens the door and puts you near the exit. And here we go !!! The sky is yours!

In seconds you reach your maximum speed of 200 km / h and then enjoy 35 to 50 seconds of happiness, freedom, extreme sensations and self-transcendence … You soar and not feel your own weight. Feel free to fly and scream out loud.  Afterwards, the parachute opens, you will pilot your wing through the clouds, followed by a soft landing .

So! If you want to breath fresh air, fly above Paris ad experience unprecedented emotions, then skydiving is a must do. You can take home an unforgettable memory of your tandem skydiving in Paris through a video mounted on a DVD since the preparation on the ground, rising on the plane, skydiving and finally your impressions upon landing.

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