Overcome your fears at le Manoir de Paris!


Le Manoir de Paris is the first haunted house of France, located in the heart of the capital. Total immersion in the heart of a plague veering to the invasion of the zombies.

New concept in France, this new animated site revives, in the heart of the City of Light, seventeen Parisian legends.
Halfway between a museum and an amusement park, this house haunted on two levels and nearly 1,000 m² an interactive journey inviting the public to experience strong emotions and become an actor within the story.

Le manoir de Paris promises, chills, fear, anxiety, humor and unprecedented rush of adrenaline all gathered to ensure an unimaginable excitement. Enter the Manoir de Paris and discover Paris as you’ve never seen.
You will be haunted by its mysteries and legends. Imagine yourself diving in dark and terrifying backdrops and haunted by  zombies from everywhere in an authentic setting! The horrifying scenes are very well done as well as  the realistic sets staged.  The actors are super professional and outstanding  with a very well done makeup

An extraordinary experience that simply deserves attempting it. A guarantee of fun, horror and adventure for all ages!  An inadvisable activity for epileptics and all those who have phobias. On the other hand i recommend it for all the adventurous!



Adress: 18, rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris

Phone: 06 70 89 35 87

Rates: € 25