Our top 5 kid-friendly things to do in Paris

Paris has always been perceived as the city of love, romance, fashion and glamour. However, now you are a family, you have kids and you keep wondering whether Paris is a child-friendly city. Our response is “yes, it is indeed”!

Paris is buzzing with spots, parks, attractions and monuments that your kids will enjoy. You can’t miss a climb of the worldwide famous Eiffel Tower, or a visit to some of Paris emblematic monuments, mainly the Louvre and Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral… Here’s an overview of our top 5 kid-friendly activities in Paris. Trust me, give it a try and let me know what your kids think about it!

Natural History museum


Have you watched “A night at the museum” by Robin Williams and Ben Stiller? This movie of a kind that we all fell in love with. The natural history museum in Paris could have been the perfect setting for this movie. This museum is a real treat for young players and dreamers. This unusual attraction exudes with ancient history displaying animals that look very realistic and impressive skeletons that will certainly amaze our little charmers. For the dinosaur-enthusiasts, and i suppose all the kids are, will be blown away by the fossil collections comprising diplodocus,  pterosaur, allosaurus…

In one word, the Natural History Musem is a must-see!

Address: 57 Rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris, on the left bank of the Seine

Phone: 01 40 79 30 00

Park Asterix



Travelling with kids, you will certainly be looking for amusement parks. You have time to visit only one, skip Disneyland and all the rest. Park Asterix is the one to visit. Themed on the adventures of Asterix and his friends, Park Asterix is a marvelous attraction for kids and adults alike. Your kids will be running joyfully exploring the different “worlds”: the ancient Rome, the Ancient Egyptian, the Vikings… all bright and cheery. Looking for roller coasters, adventures and hilarious shows (including the dolphin show)… This is the place you must visit. Besides, the entrance fees and the food prices are very reasonable compared to Disneyland.

PS: It will reopen in April 11, 2015.

Address : 60128 Plailly

Phone : 0 826 46 66 26

Paris Aquarium



It’s raining and your kids are persistently grumbling, wanting to go out. Don’t think that much! Put on your coats and head with your kids to Paris Aquarium. Housing more than 10.000 fish and 25 sharks in 43  pools, Paris Aquarium is undoubtedly the largest and most spectacular one in the capital. It includes as well 2 theaters and several interactive workshops dedicated mainly to children.

Address : 5 Avenue Albert de Mun, 75016 Paris

Phone : 01 40 69 23 23


L’atelier des sens


All kids, with no exception, have a sweet touth. Instead of buying them gourmandises and pastries, have you thought about enrolling them into “Little Chef” course? L’Atelier des sens, for instance, offers two hour workshops for children aged 6 to 11 on very specific and original themes, entitled Little Chef. The workshops are in English and all under the wise eye and good advice from an experienced chef. Cooking workshops of savory or sweet recipes end with the tasting of prepared meals. Your little angels can also bring you a piece of the cake  to taste and appreciate!

L’Atelier des Sens counts 3 workshops in Paris : Bastilles, Beaubourg and Haussman.

Phone : 01 49 96 55 45 ou 09 63 40 47 00

Cité des enfants


Looking for the best spot where kids can develop their senses and enhance their interactions, Cité des enfants (the children city) is second to none. Since its opening in 1992, cité des enfants has increasingly gained repute for its focus on senses. It is obvious that the whole concept was designed primarily to arouse kids curiosity by encouraging them to explore various activities centered around games, actions and experiments. Here’s a site where they can touch, handle, learn and have fun.

The Children’s City is now divided into two areas: a space for children from 2 to 7 years and the other for children between 5 to 12 years.

Address : 30 Avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris

Phone : 01 40 05 70 00