Paris, the pet friendly capital!


You Love Paris, GREAT! You don’ have to worry,  your pet will too. The French have over 18 million dogs and cats, so if you wanna pamper your beloved companion you’ll be lost for choice. This is the pet friendly city “par excellence”.

Whether planning for a holiday or a long stay in Paris, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is “Where are we going to stay?” In fact, many apartment rentals provide pet friendly accommodations. In case you have any doubts you can contact the owners directly and ask them if your pet is allowed in. You may have some difficulties finding the ideal spot, but with a bit of search you’ll end up with an apartment that welcomes you and your companion in the heart of the capital of lights.

Le café des chats


If you’re a cat lover, so cat café is a must-see while in Paris! This an unusual and unique spot where you can enjoy a coffee a snack or even a tasty lunch in the 3rd arrondissement while being surrounded with up to 14 beautiful fluffy furry cats. Petting a cat while sipping a cup of coffee, what an original idea! Most importantly you don’t have to worry as the cats are adorable, well looked after, and so friendly. For those who have some concerns about hygiene, the coffee founder has thought about everything? The kitchen remains closed to cats.

Besides fulfilling your your needs for petting and playing with our beloved furry friends, by eating or drinking at “Le Café des Chats” you are participating in the donations to feline protection!

Le cafe des chats is perfectly located at the heart of Paris, 75003 , next to major attractions like Centre Pompidou and Museum of Art and History of Judaism. A lively place where Paristay has a number of the finest apartments available for vacation rentals!

16 rue Michel Le Comte – 75003 Paris

Shopping for your furry friend



The French have over 18 million dogs and cats. This is a phenomenon not be ignored, especially by traders who do not hesitate to invest in this ever growing niche. Whether you have a chihuahua poodle, a  Labrador or a Persian cat you will definitely find something to pamper your pet. Boutiques like Moustaches and BHV La Niche provide a wide range of fancy treats, bedding, clothes, accessories and toys in a wide range of prices.

You left your pet home and you want to bring him a souvenir out of Paris? Think simple! A “Made in Paris” toy or “I Love Paris” t’shirt could make it for him.

Beauty and grooming

Paris, the capital of fashion and beauty, is a place where your pet deserves as well to be treated like royalty “à la française”. Many grooming centers have opened their doors for the sake of our companions the famous among which are “Dog in the City” and “Salon Pluche“. They both offer special cares and services to pamper your pets like they have never experienced before. In addition to the usual grooming cares such as hair cutting, nail trimming, color restoration, manicure they can also enjoy an anti-stress massage with aromatic oils or a thalassotherapy.

Crazy, i know!  but come on this is PARIS!

Dog in the City

26 street Petit Musc 75004 Paris

01 42 74 07 11

Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m

Salon Pluche

52, la Tour d’Auvergne 75009 Paris

01 48 78 37 76

Tuesday to Friday from 9h30 am  to 6h30 pm
Saturday from  10am to 6pm