Cookening: A shared meal at a local’s home


Visiting Paris and you want to eat a real meal in a true Parisian ambiance? Forget about restaurants and pizzerias, exit them for the “tourists”. With the advent of Cookening concept, it is possible now to enjoy authentic cuisine at a local’s own home. Great! Isn’t it?!

Cédric Giorgi, Guignot Sébastien and Julien Pelletier, French cooking enthusiasts, were behind this innovative concept of sharing meal with strangers at a local’s home. The aim behind the new venture is perfectly summed up in the words of Giorgi:

With a jeopardized economy, but also social isolation that has increased in the last few years, people want to go back to simple and authentic experiences, to conviviality. Sharing a meal in a warm atmosphere with foreigners meets exactly this need.

You can select a table for brunch, lunch, dinner or afternoon tea and connect with hosts to set up a meeting for joint meal. Dining in a local’s own home is a great opportunity to try home made authentic gourmet meals, assist in the preparation and learn how to make some dishes.



Besides, and most importantly in my opinion, you won’t share your meal only with the hosts. You will be sitting at the same table with strangers from different origins, backgrounds and ages who are just like you, in search of new flavors and, why not, build relationships with people from other cultures.

When you set for a shared meal with Cookening, you are paying for culinary distinctiveness, hospitality, social experience and cultural exchange, all in a warm atmosphere with great people!

When it comes to booking, it couldn’t be easier. just log in to Cookening, refine your search : date, place, type of food, budget… and you’ll end up with numerous hosts. You can browse their tables online and even contact them directly for further information. For the payment, it is made via Cookening and the hosts receive the money a day after your shared meal, to ensure a more trustful relationship.

10€ to 100€