Useful tips to enjoy Paris on a BUDGET!

Paname, City of Lights, City of Love… all these beloved nicknames (and others) are attributed to the most beautiful capital in the world, PARIS! Paris has always been the dream destination for people around the globe. It was almost always identified with luxury, prestigious spots, refined cuisine…

I have a clue on what you’re thinking about and i understand your concerns!  You don’t have to pay a fortune to enjoy your trip to Paris. Following some rules will help you explore Paris on a Budget and keep your money in your wallet!

We have collected for you some useful tips to enjoy Paris at low cost!


Generally when visiting Paris, you look for hotels in the center to be in close proximity to major attractions. After all you don’t want to be lost! But, you agree with me a hotel room at the heart of Paris wouldn’t be at all cheap. Have you ever considered vacation rentals?! In fact, furnished apartment rentals is becoming more and more common. You just need to look up thoroughly, and you will end up with the right apart. Sitting on your desk at home you can browse the net for vacation rentals agencies, you can get in touch with the real owners of the apartments (take a look at our previous blog, it may help you make your choice! )


Fully equipped apartment in the 1st arrondissement near the Louvre, Palais Royal, Seine River... for only 572€/week
Fully equipped apartment in the 1st arrondissement near the Louvre, Palais Royal, Seine River… for only 572€/week


2- Transport and getting around

Remember! You are in Paris which has a reliable public transport system reaching all parts of Paris. For your tours you can use the metro, the bus, the tramway… With 16 lines and 300 stations, the metro is the best means to get around Paris. A ticket will cost you €1.80, or you can buy a package of 10 tickets (called carnet by locals) for only €14.10.  A plus advantage of public transportation is that you can make use of discounts and gratuities during public holidays.

3- Museums and monuments

I suppose that, like most of tourists, your primary aim while visiting Paris is to explore its museums and monuments which abound with artworks and masterpieces. With a smart organization of your trip, you can access major museums at low cost and sometimes for FREE!  Each month’s first Sunday, major museums, including the Louvre and Orsay museum, open their doors for free. Besides, there are many free museums in Paris all year long displaying a permanent, rich and interesting collection revealing French history such as Notre Dame de Paris, Carnavalet museum, Paris Modern Art Museum…


Louvre Museum' admission is Free each month's first Sunday
Louvre Museum’ admission is Free each month’s first Sunday


4-Food & Drink

When it comes to fooding, Paris has always been associated with refined cuisine. However, you don’t have to spend all your savings in a Michelin star restaurant! Paris is an esteemed gastronomic capital buzzing with all kinds of cuisine; Mediterranean, Lebanese, Asian… generally inexpensive. Just keep in mind few tips to enjoy your meals on budget:

– Stay away from tourist traps, avoid main square and look for hidden places where locals usually eat.

– You can enjoy French recipes like the famous crepes (which can be sweet or savory) at Chez Nicos, Breizh Café… There are plentiful street vendors who make delicious food and trust me a sandwich, panini or crepe for €5 will fill you up all day long.

– When it comes to ethnic cuisine just head toward the Jewish quarter in Marais district. Believe me, you’ll be lost for choice. But if you want my advice, try the flavorful Falafel sandwich at “L’As du Fallafel”, it will blow you away!

– Some renowned fast food restaurants like Pizza Hut provide vouchers so that you can take advantage of their deals. Check before you order!


Falafel Sandwich from the Jewish quarter. Yummyyy!


– The concept of Happy Hour is so common in Paris. Look for Happy hours in bars and coffees and you’ll enjoy up to 50% discount on your drinks.

See?! Following some tricks you’ll enjoy your trip to Paris to the utmost  with the lowest cost. Here’s what we got. If you have other tips you can share them with us!