Sexy tips for an unusual Valentine in Paris

Valentine’s Day 2015 is just around the corner! Planning a special Valentine in Paris this year?! Great! What could be better than the most romantic city in the world for such an occasion?!

Wherever you go in Paris you’ll feel “Love in the air” and Romance (with capitalized “R”) is spread throughout. I guess you’re thinking about a cruise on the Seine, a climb of Eiffel Tower or a kiss in one of the historical monuments. Not Bad if you want to try some of Paris “cliched” plans.

Come on! I’m pretty sure you don’t want to miss such a special day in such a special place like Paris, by queuing all day long waiting for your turn and surrounded by hundreds of tourists that you can’t even feel a moment of intimacy. The city of love has much more to offer.

We have gathered some unusual sexy tips that will make your Valentine in Paris so special and unique.

French Kiss in Paris

It is called French Kiss for a reason. What could be better than a French kiss in Paris to declare your endless love! And, who doesn’t fancy a French Kiss in Paris? Many people keep asking about the best places to kiss in Paris. Forget about it! You’re in Paris! Are you aware that you are in the most romantic city in the world on Valentine’s day? You can kiss everywhere. Let  it be spontaneous, do not schedule it. Simply, be guided by your senses.



Chocolate Massage

Generally, each occasion is associated with a certain kind of plates or desserts; Turkey for Christmas and Thanksgiving, “Buche de Noel” for New year’s Eve… Valentine’s day is no exception! It has always been strongly connected to mouthwatering treats made mainly of CHOCOLATE. Instead of buying the usual box of little delicious gourmandises, Dream bigger!

Have you ever thought about a chocolate massage? If you are still looking for a special Valentine gift, here it is. You can both share magical moments, disconnect from reality and feel relaxed like melted chocolate. Le Spa dans le Noir, located in the heart of Paris in the 2nd arrondissement (a walking distance from Paristay Office) has various special deals for this occasion.



chocolate spa


Couple photo session

Photos and memories are the only things that we carry home after a dreamy vacation. Forget about your camera and book a photo session with one of Paris renowned photographers. Treat your lover with a special valentine gift that will memorize your special day in Full HD.  Choose the location of your dreams, be spontaneous, show your love and you’ll end up with breathtaking shots.

FRAN BOLONI is one of Paris (and probably the world) most famous couple photographer.



Sexy Lingerie

I know what you may think when reading this section. You all have lingerie stores back home. This is true. But, always keep in mind that Paris is the cradle of sexiness and flirtation and it never stopped to propagandize its image this way since decades. Trying Parisian Lingerie is a totally unique and overwhelming experience. Treat your lover and buy her some of the most glamorous underwear made of the finest materials, mainly silk.

Ma P’tite Culotte, for instance, is a French Lingerie brand combining audacity and humor! For Valentine’s Day,  Ma P’tite Culotte has designed for you a limited edition box containing a lot of surprises!

Romantic Dinner

The best way to end a busy valentine day in Paris, is to have a candlelight dinner in one of Paris most romantic restaurants, enjoy a refined meal, sip a glass of champagne with a French music being played in the background. This is real heaven! champagne

For this option you will be bewildered for choice. PARIS is buzzing with romantic restaurants that can amaze the most demanding.

If you have other hidden secrets about Paris that will make all of us enjoy an unforgettable Valentine, do no hesitate to share them with us!

Happy Valentine Everybody!