Top 5 Oriental Pastry Shops in Paris

Oriental Pastry
Take-away box of tasty pastries chez "Noura"
La Bague De Kenza
Yummy Baklawa at "Délices d'Orient"
Alluring window at "Le Palais des Sultans"


Baklavas, Makrouds, gazelle horns or Kaak Warka…have for years and years treated taste buds of gourmets with a sweet tooth. Paris, being a cosmopolitan city, gathers a number of the finest Oriental Pastry shops. Those who have tried these sweet, beautiful and yummy oriental pastries so rich in flavor and often made with almonds, pistachio and honey, have admitted that these gourmandises are out of this world and a “must” try at least once a lifetime.

In this article we have gathered for you the Top 5 Oriental Pastry Shops in Paris where you can try some of these handcrafted jewels.

Le Noura

Le Noura isn’t a simple pastry shop, it is rather the culinary embassy of lebanese culture in paris: It epitomizes a whole lifestyle. When in Paris and you ask for the best Oriental pastries you’ll definitely be directed towards Noura.

This fame is not random; it is rather  due to the great variety of the sweetest pastries on display, the fantastic quality and the flavors which are to die for. Noura will delight all your senses with heavenly desserts that undoubtedly will satisfy the most severe craving for sugar.

PS: If you’re into baklava – this is THE place!

27 Avenue Marceau, 75116 Paris, France
+33 1 47 23 02 20

La bague de Kenza

La bague de kenza is considered by many as the temple of Algerian pastry where you can taste some of the best South Mediterranean desserts.

At la bague de Kenza you’ll be spoilt for choice between pistachio baklavas; Ktaif M’hancha and honey corns all prepared to the highest standards. You’ll definetely feel lost in front of its alluring window displaying all sorts of these beautiful and flavorful handcrafted delights.

106 Rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris, France
+33 1 43 14 93 15

La rose de Tunis

with over 60 varieties; La rose de Tunis is the right spot for all lovers of oriental pastry:
This wonder shop situated in the 18th arrondissement is overflowing with yummy desserts of Algerian cuisine; little jewels from Tunisia and Lebanon and the flavorful pleasures of Morocco all prepared with perfection; devotion and mainly passion
Go and treat yourself with the famous almonds or pistachio baklavas; the tasty Kaak warka, mlabbes or Bejawiya… Trust me, you’ll go back for more!

7 Boulevard Ornano, Paris
+33 1 46 06 15 25

les délices d’orient

Les délices d’Orient, a name that speaks for itself. This pastry shop serves some of the best “Oriental delights” ever in Paris.
Les délices d’Orient has a wonderful variety and first class Lebanese sweets including (and not limited to) Konafah, Quatayef or Maamoul prepared with the exact amount of honey that will blow you away.

 52 Avenue Emile Zola, 75015 Paris, France


Le Palais des Sultans

Here’s a totally different oriental pastry shop in which the owner successfully managed to blend Eastern and Western cultures.
Karim Khelifi, the owner, is a real artist who revisited savory traditional Algerian recipes such as gazelle horns, zelabias and makrouds by adding natural flavors and colors that are not usually found in the Algerian desserts: chocolate, banana , pepper, anise, violet, jasmine, licorice etc.

The result? Don’t even dare to ask!! They are divine!

Le palais des Sultans is now working on these flavorful classics to make them less caloric, more digestible and especially much more rich and complex flavors.

Hurry up and try this beautiful and unique combination of both eastern and western delights in just one bite!

38 Rue d’Aubervilliers, 75019, France

+33 1 42 05 55 67