Top 10 Travel apps you need for your visit to Paris

M&M Paris
Louvre app
Le Fooding
Tripbox Paris
Paris Metro app
Le Velib
XE Currency
SpeakEasy French


Latest technology has invaded our world and somehow, it made it much more easier. Whether visiting Paris for the first or the millennium time, forget about the maps, your camera, your guide of best spots… The only thing you must remember is to download a bunch of helpful apps in your smart phone to make your visit to Paris special.

In this article we have gathered top 10 apps that we think are the most useful during your stay in Paris.

1-Paris M&M:

Paris M&M is an interesting application created by Paris museums. In addition to listing down all the museums and monuments in Paris, this app tells real art lovers what exhibitions are taking place at the moment and in which museum. Equipped with a GPS technology, Paris M&M app is so helpful as it shows the nearest attractions, museums, and exhibitions to your location. It also gives short and concise descriptions of each museum, artistic event in addition to the address, the nearest metro, entrance fees, opening/closing hours…

2-Louvre Museum:

A paris vacation isn’t complete unless  there’s a trip to the Louvre museum. The Louvre Museum is a beautiful application, as well as being very informative. It gives an in depth look at one of the world’s great museums. It includes a map of the building, search features for current exhibits and links to specialized tours such as “Monalisa” and “Venus de Milo” masterpieces. If you are interested in a specific work of art, you can browse for it, learn more about the work and even find where it is in the museum by wing, floor and room.

3-Le Fooding:

This is an application you “must” upload once in Paris. Based on your location, your preferences and your taste, it will provide you with hundreds of the hottest restaurants in Paris.

From traditional french cuisine to world flavors, open-air terraces and places to brunch… Le Fooding recommendations are always excellent!

4-Tripbox Paris:

This app is in one word your travel guide during your vacation in Paris. It is considered as a faithful companion in discovering Paris as it sumps up main attractions, sites, restaurants, night clubs, monuments… all in one application.

5-Paris Metro

One of the best means to discover Paris is by the Metro as it has stations and stops close to the major sites. Paris Metro subway app is perfect to plan your journey as it can tell when the next metro is scheduled to arrive on any station, what are the stops on each metro line. With 303 stations and 16 lines spread across Paris, it is great for both tourists and locals alike.

6-Le Velib

The Velib’s bike system in Paris is so known worldwide. If you want to discover Paris on bike, this app will make it easier for you. It will tell you where to find a bike, how many bikes are available at any particular station, when it’s time to return it…

7-XE Currency

While traveling, it is so common to have difficulties to calculate currencies on-the-go. XE currency is one of the best currency converters ( if not the best) with over 25 million downloads worldwide. This app is so useful as it stores information and to use it you don’t have to have an internet connection. Besides, it is Free!

8-SpeakEasy French

French are among the nations who are very proud about their language. Trying to speak in french to ask for directions, sites, food is highly appreciated. If your French is a little lacking, you have no other to choice to invest in the SpeakEasy French app. This application includes 800 essential travel phrases which you may encounter in many common travel situations. It can as well help you with pronunciations, slowing down the audio to better comprehend how to say the phrases. This app doesn’t need a data connection.


While visiting Paris and discovering its various monuments, attractions, restaurants… you will definitely take photos to memorize your most treasured moments with your beloved ones. Instagram is a an outstanding app  that allows you to take incredible photos, edit them and choose your favorite effect and then publish them in your account to share with your friends.


Away from your family and friends, international calls will cost you a fortune. Viber is the app you must have in your smartphone that will allow you to send free text and video messages and make free calls unless you have an internet connection.