Why choose a furnished apartment rather than a hotel room?

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"This apartment is so comfortable, modern/classic, and well-located. The real star, though, is the owner. Andre was helpful, charming, and went beyond his duties as a host to help us out. We will definitely stay here the next visit to Paris if he'll have us!" By Jacqueline S. from United States
"Very nice place - would stay there again." By Dan H.from United States
"We absolutely LOVED our apartment! It was beautiful, simple but elegant, and fully functional for what we needed. Having a true "home" base during our stay in Paris made our vacation experience so much better--we felt more like Parisians than like tourists. The Paristay service was very helpful, and the hostess of the apartment was great to deal with. We would recommend Paristay to anyone!" By Tracey R. from United States


You’ve already chosen Paris to be your next holiday destination but you still wonder what type of accommodation to choose. You feel still wavering between renting an apartment or a hotel room? In this article we have gathered for you some useful tips that may help you in taking your decision.

For many travelers, renting a fully equipped apartment by the night, week or month is the real alternative to the hotel for many reasons:

– More space and comfort:

Hotel rooms are mostly appropriate for couples in terms of space and amenities. Assume that you are a family of three, some hotels will provide you with a bed for a child making your room cramped and difficult to relax in.

When you opt for a furnished apartment with 2 rooms, you will benefit most often a space between 35 and 45 m² which no hotel in Paris can offer for a reasonable price.

– A “home” like vacation:

Renting an apartment for your vacation enables you to live at your own pace, without any constraint and therefore be the only decision-maker of all aspects of your trip. You no longer feel obliged to wake up early after spending a crazy night just to catch the breakfast buffet before 10 am.  Most vacation rentals have the necessary equipment to make you feel at home: kitchen, multimedia equipment, raclette, barbecue, deck, playground … everything is there for you to enjoy unconstrained vacation and make you feel at home. You can cook your own meals, choose your own route, and move at your leisure. In an apartment, you have the freedom to prepare meals at home, according to your taste, or take them out in one of the many cafes or restaurants in the area where your apartment is located.

If you have an adored cat or dog, this is a plus reason to go for apartment as some vacation rentals accept the presence of pets.

– Accommodation in the heart of Paris with a lower cost:

Whether you are visiting Paris for a holiday or a business trip, you can find the perfect apart that caters to your needs in the heart of Paris in the vicinity of major attraction.  Booking a vacation rental for a week will cost up to 40% cheaper than a hotel in the same surrounding. You can as well enjoy last minute rental deals and get discounts up to 50% off.

Renting a furnished apartment, rather than staying in a hotel, is a real economical solution.

Now, after you have opted for the apartment rental option, the question that arises thereafter is How to choose an apart? 

As a first step (most importantly indeed), look up for an agency that has gained repute along the years for its credibility and the great variety of choice of apartments it offers all over the capital.

Paristay agency, for instance, has been promoting up to 3000 apartments all over Paris since its creation in 2002. After choosing the agency you are going to deal with, decide what are you looking for; size of the apartment, number of rooms, amenities, location… Choose several possibilities based on the information in their website and narrow your search down (choose always the apartment with most photos). If things are still unclear, get in touch with the agency or the owners and ask about any ambiguities; the size of rooms, the A/C, the location, the elevator,  restaurants, bakeries or bars in the neighborhood, the costs, extra fees…

Make sure to check everything to spend the vacation of your dreams in Paris!