Les Halles new version project

Photo taken November 2014

Since its opening in 1979, Les Halles has gained repute and maintained its position as one of the most visited shopping malls not only in Paris, but in all France. Thirty years after its opening, the Halles site should be restructured and modernized due to its high traffic, aging structures and the development of safety standards. The new version is planned to be inaugurated by 2016.  The project aims to restore the image of the Halles being a metropolitan venue, to improve the underground urbanism, and thus make it more enjoyable.

Perfectly situated at the beating heart of Paris, the Halles will be more open to the city, easier to access and more pleasant to walk around. The whole area will be more welcoming as it will include more cultural facilities, shopping shops and more access to railway stations.

The visible part of the Halles (Willerval pavilions) will be replaced by a building with curved shapes: The Canopy – a term usually used to refer to the top of the forests, in direct contact with the free atmosphere and sunlight. Such a huge translucent like-leaf undulating at the height of the trees of the garden, the Canopy houses two buildings for public facilities and shops. Both wings are arranged around a patio that will become the new heart of Les Halles.

Though still the redevelopment project is still in progress, Les Halles welcomes 150,000 visitors daily as it is home to many renowned brands such as H&M, Zara and many bars,as well as small cafés and French Bistros.