Le Fumoir restaurant: the best spot near the Louvre

A view from Avenue Rivoli
Le Fumoir
Iced Tea
Glass of Champagne
Eggs Benedict
Spinach and mushroom salad
Tarte Tatin with vanilla ice cream
Chocolate cake with raspberry sorbet


Ideally located in a close proximity to the Louvre Museum and “Pont des Arts” over the Seine River, Le Fumoir Bar/Restaurant couldn’t be better placed to meet the needs of locals and tourists alike after a walk along the Seine or a tour in the Louvre.

Whether you are looking for a flavored coffee to enjoy a lazy morning, to sip a Martini or a champagne during the afternoon or even if you are yearning for a unique sophisticated dinner in the heart of Paris, Le Fumoir is a great place any time of the day.

Le Fumoir boasts a cozy and refined atmosphere.  Featuring a mahogany bar, a fireplace, a chic and discreet decor beautifully enhanced with the use of dark leather and dim lightening, Le Fumoir is perfect to enjoy cocktails, read all sorts of magazines and quite simply relax.

Likewise, it  boasts a beautifully intimate book-lined rear dining room where brunch and dinner are served daily. Decorated like a 1920’s library or lounge with wood floors and some leather club chairs, you will feel like you went back in time!

Under head chef Henrick Andersson, food is consistently top notch. The menu changes every month, combines freshness, tradition and creation. Regarding the prevailing ambiance, the decor, the refined selection of food and cocktails, and above all the reasonable prices,  Le Fumoir sets the bar so high for the rest spots near the Louvre.

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6, rue de l’amiral Coligny
75001 Paris
+33 (0)1 42 92 00 24
Métro: Louvre-Rivoli