Christian Louboutin near the Louvre: A Landmark for Shoes Fashionistas

Galrie Vero-Dodat Entrance
Christian Louboutin Men's Boutique
Christian Louboutin 1st women's Boutique
Louboutin Women's Store
Louboutin women's boutique showcase from the hall of galerie Vero-Dodat
Galerie Vero-Dodat Hall
High Heels showcase of CL boutique
Louboutin bags beautifully displayed
Louboutin High Heels boots
Elegant high heels by Louboutin

Paris has throughout its history shaped fashion styles and became worldwide known as the Fashion Capital. Shoes are no exception! You can not visit Paris without passing by the renowned “Christian Louboutin” shop located at 19 Street Jean Jacques Rouseau in front of our Paristay office.

Louboutin lipstick red-soled shoes has become a landmark for fashionistas worldwide. Once you step into the Louboutin shop you will cross the lines between the real world and fairy tales. Walking on the velvet red carpet covering the floor and touring the shop looking for your perfect pair is a privileged experience that you won’t experience else where.

It is not randomly that Louboutin brand was declared the Most Prestigious Women’s Shoes in 2007, 2008, and 2009. Stars such as Catherine Deneuve Christina Aguilera, Joan Collins, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Marion Cotillard, Nicki Minaj, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian,Sarah Jessica Parker… wore shoes signed by Louboutin and were sometimes spoiled with made-to-measure designs.

In a nutshell, every girl’s dream is to wear these red-bottom high heel shoes signed Christian Louboutin! And you, deserve to feel unique, exceptional and privileged!

However, what makes this boutique,situated at the heart of Paris, so special for Christian Louboutin, the designer?

Above all, this boutique is Louboutin’s flagship women store. From here, Louboutin started his work and the brand “Christian Louboutin” was created. Thereafter, ,the ambitious designer succeeded in the process of expansion of his project and his dreams.  Starting from a very small store, Christian Louboutin now owns almost 57 boutiques worldwide. This boutique maintained its position as the lucky charm for Christian Louboutin. In addition to the  the first shop of Louboutin in Paris for women shoes, it holds now the world’s first CL Men’s store.

Furthermore, what distinguishes more this boutique is its location at the entrance of Galerie Véro-Dodat: a historical monument built in 1826 to protect the bourgeois and wealthy people while shopping or dining during rainy days. Once served as a secret covered passage to “Palais Royal”, Galerie Véro-Dodat is nowadays filled with mostly prestigious brands, designer boutiques and antique shops.

Luckily, Paristay provides a number of apartments in this district for any type of rental to all visitors who are passionate about Louboutin and fashion and who want also to visit the major Parisian attractions such as the Louvre which is within a walking distance from Louboutin boutique.


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