Over the world in Paris: Chinatown

Paris is a perfect place where to taste, try and explore all what is French. However, once there, you’ll be surprised by the cultural multitude and diversity.

In the heart of Paris, you can eat the American burger or Chinese and Japanese food, dance Salsa, drink the famous Swedish alcoholic spirit Absolute or buy the Russian Matryoshkas…

Due to the richness of its communities, we will take you in a journey to different parts of the world while being in Paris. In One of our previous articles, we’ve talked about the Brady Passage nicknamed little India of Paris, and to proceed we will start a series talking each about a different community.


The correct address for shopping in Paris, is Chinatown. You’ll be instantly transported from the city of lights to the city of the rising sun in China.
In Chinatown 13th, you will find everything you want with the Chinese supermarkets, furniture shops, curio shops, fruit merchants and the various traders. Note that the shops are closed on Mondays, but you readily accept Sunday and the rest of the week!

After a hard day of shopping, you’ll be in the right place to taste the delicious Chinese dishes.
You can dine in the Lao Lanxang and Mondol Kiri. They serve delicious Asian dishes.
If you like fish, you’ll rather enjoy Massena in China, the freshness of the fish is guaranteed. If you go at night, they often organize karaoke evenings.

If by chance you are in the area during the Chinese New Year, you will surely be amazed by the color parade and the parade of dragons.

Chinese New Year celebration usually in early February so soon organize your schedule today.


This guided tour is a journey to the heart of China to Paris to discover the many shops, the best restaurants but especially unique Buddhist temples in Paris.
Chinatown Paris is a truly exotic experience. So why not Going on holiday in Paris with GowithOh, for example?


13th arrondissement

Metro Porte d’Ivry (Line7)